EZD'S Falcon Rowdy
    Born in 1969 in Beefhide Ky and owned by John Demetrius. No one knew the impact this buckskin colt would have on the horseworld and the legion of fans he would accumulate.
    Standing at around 14 hands tall with a dappled buckskin coloration it was evident by his conformation that he was athletically gifted . Small head and ears and a thick mane and tail accented  his short coupled uphill to withers build. Referred to as being smooth in gait at any speed with tremendous take off power.
     His style of going was so unique that you can literally pick out a horse that carries his lineage. Vigor, great heart, and unmatched stamina are words often used to describe him.  EZD'S Falcon Rowdy won the speed racking world championship in 1976 and again in 1983